Friday, February 23, 2007

Very Relentless (1993)

"We Came From Outer Space" A lot of Pet Shop Boys followers consider this their best and I can't argue with that. The flagship Very disc was once anticipated as a rock album, which may or may not have been intended as the good joke that it is. Sure, the songs might be a bit more punched up, but there's no end of keyboards, sonic washes, thick beats, and layers of production here packed with drama ("Theatre"), laughs ("Dreaming of the Queen"), pique ("Young Offender"), vulnerability ("Liberation"), painful insight ("One and One Make Five"), almost unbearable poignance ("To Speak Is a Sin"), and unbridled dancefloor rave ups (the cover of the Village People's "Go West"). And that's not all. The welcome extra Relentless disc is shorter, but the songs are longer. Dreamy, beautiful, swooping, pounding, zipping, soaring. Busy, busy. Play it again.

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