Friday, January 11, 2008

Dear readers,

Last year, 2007, was an eventful one. A relationship ended. A job ended. The life of a unique and wonderful dog I had "rescued" a few years earlier ended. Then, after 22 years in Seattle, I moved to Olympia, a distance that for me has proved psychologically much greater than the physical one.

Through all of that this blog became a kind of lifeline for me. It let me return to better times under the guise of sharing, however brief and ultimately illusory that return was. I know I haven't always (or even often) provided the kinds of bitrates and file formats that some of my visitors would have liked to see. Those people were quite clear about that. But for me, of course, the most important thing I was sharing was not the downloads.

Now, as with so many bloggers of every stripe before me, I think my work may be done here. I'm not 100% sure about that—never say never and all that, plus I still have a big list of albums, artists, song collection concepts, and books that I intended to touch on—but just as I drifted into this, I can see that now I seem to be drifting back out again.

Thanks to everyone who has visited, pointed to me, left comments, and downloaded some of my favorite music in the world. Thanks even to the complainers and the trolls, I guess. Wait a minute. What am I saying?

I may be back. But if not—happy trails to all of you.