Monday, February 19, 2007

Introspective (1988)

"Left to My Own Devices" At the time, even still, this offering seemed almost insultingly inadequate, certainly in terms of the gross numbers: six songs, three per (vinyl LP) side. Sure, it's dance music and all that, but six songs? Nevertheless, it contains my single favorite Pet Shop Boys song, "Left to My Own Devices," a mutter-chant that casually details the good life ("maybe later we'll do some shopping") with a chorus that roars into your head and stays there. In fact, everything here is basically first-rate: "Always on My Mind," the Willie Nelson cover; "I Want a Dog," with its droll, perfect first line ("I want a dog, a chihuahua"); and "It's Alright," which opens with a now seemingly prescient reference to Afghanistan and takes a surprisingly exalted view of "the music." Very nice stuff.

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