Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oh Mercy (1989)

"Political World" Of all of the many hyped Bob Dylan comebacks (has he been with CBS/Sony et al. the whole way?), and setting aside the real ones, I think this is my favorite. With Daniel Lanois producing, it has a nice exploratory feel. All the songs are interesting, some find their way to happy places. It also has one of my favorite Dylan howlers: "Disease of Conceit," in which we are told, as if with brows furrowed, that scientists have been hard at work attempting to figure out conceit, but -- no luck so far. My favorite Dylan howler is on John Wesley Harding: "he said with his voice." He said with his voice. Oh lord.

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  1. Hi, just discovered your site today.

    Dylan did change labels -once- in the mid seventies to Asylum for one record-then resigned w/ Columbia (more$$$$$)and stayed since

  2. You are correct -- thank you! It did seem incredible that he'd have stayed with one label all the way. Thanks for stopping by.