Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gas Station Cassette 1-3

In memory of some favorites who passed away this past calendar year.

Gas Station Cassette 1: Arthur Lee
Gas Station Cassette 2: Desmond Dekker
Gas Station Cassette 3: Grant McLennan

Two more still to come, when time allows. More information in comments.

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  1. playlists...

    001 Arthur Lee
    Thanks to TWILIGHTZONE! ("for your listening pleasure") and to XXXRockRula.
    Love, "My Little Red Book" (1966) Perfect pop song. From Love. (2:32)
    Love, "Seven & Seven Is" (1967) Raucous. Boop bip bip boop bip bip, YEAH! From Da Capo. (2:26)
    Love, "Alone Again Or" (1967) From Forever Changes. (3:16)
    Love, "A House Is Not a Motel" (1967) From Forever Changes. (3:30)
    Arthur Lee & Love, "Skid, Not Really a Friend" (ca. 1969) (2:47)
    Arthur Lee & Love, "Soul Food" (ca. 1967) (2:58)
    Arthur Lee, "Everybody's Gotta Live" (1972) From Vindicator. (3:33)
    Love, "Can't Explain" (1966) From Love. (2:42)

    002 Desmond Dekker
    "Israelites" (1968) An amazing song on so many levels. Fresh-solid and potent to this day and for almost 40 years now. (2:39)
    "007 (Shanty Town)" (1967) Interesting the references through a lot of the songs to James Bond and other figures from American popular culture. See also "Fu

    Manchu," below. (2:43)
    "Rude Boy Train" (1967) (2:20)
    "You Can Get It If You Really Want" (year) (2:30)
    "Unity" (1967) Nice play on words, decades ahead of cellphone/IM lingo: You and I, thank you. U 'n' I ty. U-N-I-T-Y. (2:15)
    "Reggae Recipe" (ca. 1968) (3:05)
    "Fu Manchu" (ca. 1967) (3:12)
    "Get Up Edina" (1964) Not the wealthy suburb of Minneapolis, presumably. (2:41)

    003 Grant McLennan
    Jack Frost is a collaboration with Steve Kilbey in 1991. Thanks to misha4music.
    Grant McLennan, "You Can't Have Everything" (1991) (3:09)
    Go-Betweens, "Cattle and Cane" (1982) (4:03)
    Go-Betweens, "Bye Bye Pride" (1987) (4:03)
    Jack Frost, "Thought That I Was Over You" (1991) (4:50)
    Jack Frost, "Civil War Lament" (1991) (2:27)
    Jack Frost, "Trapeze Boy" (1991) (1:33)
    Grant McLennan, "No Peace in the Palace" (1995) (4:15)
    Go-Betweens, "Dream About Tomorrow" (1989) (4:42)