Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Legendary Hearts (1983)

"Bottoming Out" Continuing, moving forward with a newfound songcraft that hit its peak on the following New Sensations, the music here is organic and discovered, rich and yeasty like a stout. Fernando Saunders finds his amazing trademark loping bass guitar voice and Lou Reed puts it to good use in some of his most moving and confessional work ever. The Happy Heterosexual loves his wife, he loves his motorcycle, but he's been maybe drinking a little too much lately. Elsewhere, as on "Martial Law," there's a band reaching heights no one suspected it could reach, kicking it out like a homerun derby, stroking the sweet spot over and over -- "unconscious," I think they call it in sports. Nice to see Reed so relaxed that he's actually funny. That alone is worth the price.

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