Monday, October 02, 2006

The Blue Mask (1982)

"Heavenly Arms" All lingering doubts about his VU origins evidently clarified, Lou Reed here re-embraces the "2 guitars bass drum" aesthetic that would see its apotheosis on New York, first matches himself against the amazing Robert Quine late of Richard Hell's Voidoids, and continues the breathtaking balance of acute takes on crude lizard-brain human behavior and sensation (as in "The Gun" or "Waves of Fear," see also Street Hassle) against achingly beautiful, emotionally naked tilts at all of the sweetness in life. Which here includes spiritual connection to poet Delmore Schwartz, membership in the I Remember JFK Boomer club, and, of course, the Happy Heterosexual at his ease, with his rooftop garden, longing for the embrace of the woman he married the previous Valentine's Day.

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