Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year memo

Happy new year, everyone! Hope you are all well and doing fine. I had a lot of distractions this past year—good ones as well as not so good—and so the productivity on this blog was off some. Not sure it will get any better this year but hoping it won't get worse. For better or worse it's starting to become a habit.

The ongoing features / themes / whatnot of the Can't Explain blog (as always, stamina allowing):
  • Great Albums: I've been hopping around the list but trying to stay near the top lately, and a little more focused on getting to them all. Last Tuesday of the month generally.
  • Movie of the year: I took the past couple of months off, but I'm picking up with 1975 next and going monthly, still moving backwards in time. Movies on Fridays.
  • Books on Sundays: Working through James Cain, Ian Frazier, Jim Thompson, and other things. Hoping for most Sundays this year.
  • New! Exciting! Horror movies on Thursdays: Revisiting movies that scared me very badly. The plan is for monthly, last Thursdays.
  • Songs on Wednesdays
  • Other albums on Saturdays
Fun with numbers: Because my 10 most viewed pages has hardly budged since last year (the only change being that the recent Rust Never Sleeps review has bolted to #9 overall), I offer instead a list of the years for which I have written the most blog entries. I seem to have an unsurprising sweet spot between the years 1966 and 1982 but you will also see that 1979 and 1977 positively dominate. At one time, back in the early days, 1970 was neck and neck with 1977 for #1. My analysis: Most peculiar, mama.

Top 10 years I have written about
1.  1979 (40)
2.  1977 (36)
3.  1970 (29)
4.  1966 (28)
    1969 (28)
    1973 (28)
7.  1972 (27)
  1980 (27)
9.  1982 (25)
10.  1971 (24)
  1974 (24)


  1. Looking at your 1979 entries and see you write about Wire. Have you listened to their 2013 album, "Change Becomes Us"? Not exactly new material but it's a great album. Bob.

  2. Thanks for this. That's one I was wondering about and I like the sound of that track.