Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Incesticide (1992)

"Sliver" At the time this came out, I admit I was a little offended by the gratuitous nature of following up the mega-nova explosion of Nevermind with this slapped-together package of b-sides, covers, demos, alternative versions, and the like. But when I got a chance to hear it I had to take that back. It's a pretty decent album. What's more, in "Sliver" it has the one song, clocking in at all of 2:17, that I think best captures Kurt Cobain in his glorious contradictions, overwhelming pain and innocence and goofy little unself-concious kiddishness. Because that's what I think he really was about when it's all said and done, and for sure that's the thing I miss the most. Pardon the indulgence: "Mom and Dad went to a show / Dropped me off at grandpa Joe's / I kicked and screamed, said please, oh no" and "Had to eat my dinner there / Mashed potatoes and stuff like that / Couldn't chew my meat too good" and "After dinner, I had ice cream / I fell asleep, and watched TV / Woke up in my Mother's arms" and finally "Grandma take me home (19x)."

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