Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To the Throne of Chaos Where the Thin Flutes Pipe Mindlessly (1975)

"It's Just Your Mind" This third of a 1994 Thurston Moore-sponsored box set of studio and otherwise scrapings from Destroy All Monsters is the one I can come closest to saying I "enjoy." Pre-Ron Asheton and enhanced musicality in the band's history were these children playing with their toys with the tape recorder running. Some of it, for example the above-mentioned track clocking in at 0:36, seems to be from a microphone pointed at a TV set. "Boots" is a cover of the Nancy Sinatra hit with a guitar break guaranteed to rip every face in the house off its head. Free jazz jams with wailing saxophones and feedback. Improvised percussion and sound effects. A lot of echo and reverb, clumsy double trackings. Kids giggling and goofing around. Home tape recordings from a tube reel-to-reel, I presume. I don't know exactly what makes this so unnervingly creepy. But a cold patch you can't ignore will pass across you even if you just play it quietly as background. Especially if you just play it quietly as background. I think they mean it with that title.

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  1. Big thanks for this, I've been looking for it for YEARS (the D.A.M. boxset never made it over to the U.K. as far as I can tell). Reminds me of Vertical Slit / Chrome, maybe even early GBV? Don't suppose you have the other 2 discs to hand do you, I'd love to hear 'em...?

    Thanks again! x