Saturday, July 14, 2007

Third/Sister Lovers (1975)

Big Star's more or less last album traces a tortured history—many covers, many release dates, many tracking sequences, many names—which I suppose is "ironically on point" for an album whose music traces a tortured history of relationships gone foul and all life bitter and meaningless. Ptooey on your good times, etc. I have to laugh about it because otherwise I'm crying, etc. When you can sing along word for word with "Nightime" (please, accept no other spellings) and hit all the notes, you have just gained a level in despair. Congratulations. Music this dark and so honestly acknowledging of pain is paradoxically a joy to hear, albeit perhaps a cathartic joy. It's Big Star's best, I think. Don't miss the Christmas carol, "Jesus Christ," or the cover of "Femme Fatale." Winners.

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  1. always wondered about this one, now i know. thanks, much apreciated.