Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Love Supreme (1964)

"Acknowledgment" More time than John Coltrane's entire lifetime has passed since the release of this one. It seems to stand now outside and astride of time, fresh as a spring day, ancient as the earth, massive and gentle. Nothing and everything about it is familiar and well-worn, the grain of the horns, the sighing chants, the heights and depths risked on a path of spirituality. Yet, as the black and white cover signifies, it's composed entirely of grit and reality. Passion burns white hot and almost blinding, but the grit and reality are in the service of beautiful vision, naked vulnerable and endlessly present. It makes someone like me say things like this.

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  1. hi

    there's a newer 'A Love Supreme - De-Luxe edition' with the new mix from the original tapes on the CD1 and previously unreleased track on CD2. if u're interested:
    the password is janmeis

  2. Thanks for that Janmeis, that is very kind..