Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Roman Gods (1981)

"The Dreg (Fleshtones-77)" More overwhelming garage power, albeit necessarily retro due to the circumstances of Keith Streng's and Peter Zaremba's later births. The Fleshtones deliver. From the first track onward this gem rolls in and through like beautiful bad weather. Shambolic, impulsive, unpretentious. Vocals the mumblingest and/or yelpingest, heavy guitar like steamroller peeling you off the pavement pancake-style, or barbed wire sting, and vibrating, shuddering, pulsating fuzz everywhere. Everywhere. Rebels. Rebels. Revolt into style. Turn it up. Turn it UP.


  1. Fuck! I haven't heard since this since I was at school (longer ago than I care to remember) & it actually sounds better than I remember it. Terrific guitar playing too. Terrific EVERYTHING in fact! Cheers for the cool post. x

  2. Oh yeah, one song missing ("Stop Fooling Around", track 3) - just thought you might wanna know. GREAT album tho'...