Monday, November 20, 2006

Complete Fun House Sessions (1970)

"1970 (Take 5)" For this mammoth and epic undertaking there are many people to thank. First, of course, the Stooges: Iggy Stooge (nee James "Jim" Osterberg, later Iggy Pop), vocals; brothers guitarist Ron and drummer Scott Asheton; Dave Alexander, bass; and Steve Mackay, tenor sax. Thank you. All of you. Then, to Rhino Records, who along about the turn of the century exhumed the tapes and went to work, putting it ALL together. Thank you. And, finally, to misha4music, who made it all possible -- for me to hear, that is (this and a lot more!). Thank you. Enjoy.

More information in comments.


  1. WOWSA! Since Rhino only made about 17 of these box sets, I figured I'd die a sad old man who never got to put this one in his stereo. Thanks for changing that.

    This bad mother of a blog now has a spot on my bookmarks bar.

  2. Glad to help. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I wanted to thank you for making this wonderful download avialable! I just finished downloading all twelve parts of this box set and have been listening to it too. this download has really helped me appreciate the "Funhouse" album a lot more, not to mention it saved me about $400!

    I would like to mention though that there are five tracks that are split into two and I have tried to join them back togehter without any luck. They are:

    Disc 1, Track 15: Loose (Take 2)
    Disc 2, Track 20: Loose (Take 12)
    Disc 3, Track 16: Down on the Street (Take 3)
    Disc 4, Track 12: TV Eye (Take 9)
    Disc 6, Track 8: Dirt (Take 9)

    Is there any way that just these five tracks could be posted correctly? Otherwise this download sounds great and I am elated to have this music at long last. Bravo, jpk!

  4. As Jr H said - I too had become resigned to never hearing these sessions, so real gratitude for this great gift, jpk.
    Very cool blog.