Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Days of Wine and Roses (1982)

"That's What You Always Say" This is the first record I ever heard called grunge (or grungy?). It's also the loudest band I've ever seen, edging Motorhead and Metallica. Our ears're bleeding and our amps're smoking People say it hurts we know they're not joking. That's not Dream Syndicate, it's a Minneapolis band, but that's what seeing Dream Syndicate was like. Better to stay at home and play the album. It works even at the lowest volumes. And the highest.

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  1. Good Lord.
    You can not say that the D.S. are grunge (or grungy?)
    It means that you know shit about music.
    Remember the days ?
    This L.P. came 1983 (or 1984)
    When was this grunge thing ? 1990 (or 1991) ?

  2. Yep -- 1982 actually, late in the year. That's why I thought it was so remarkable when "grunge" (as synonym for Seattle-based combinations of metal and hardcore/punk) came along nearly 10 years later. I always thought it was an odd word choice, but somehow it does fit.

  3. How anyone can say you "know shit about music". It's obvious the reverse is true.
    great Blog, Great write ups. You have broadened my already broad taste in music.