Friday, September 22, 2006

Benefit (1970)

"With You There to Help Me" In retrospect, I came to appreciate the first two albums (and Mick Abrahams, and Blodwyn Pig) more than this, but I got off the Jethro Tull bus pretty quick anyway. By the time of Thick As a Brick I was gone and I haven't looked back. Except for the hit, "Living in the Past" in 1972, which like this album is songful and introspective and comes with odd and surprising colorations and not a gesture wasted. No histrionics, in other words, all that energy instead compressed into the songwriting.

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  1. Love the blog -- maybe we ran in the same crowd way back when(!), as I also ditched Tull when Clive Bunker, et al, split, long before all the concept stuff (and I dug Living in the Past later on.) Oddly, I pulled out the vinyl of Stand Up earlier today -- with the pop-up gatefold -- for the first time in years. Go figure.

    - 43rd

  2. I used to have that album! Thanks for stopping by.