Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Great Albums

I've mentioned before, you've seen yourself if you've looked around at the archives here, that this blog started out as a termite production dedicated to hollowing out the blasted music industry via the happy expedient of downloads, sharing a bunch of my favorites, with attempts at pungent smears of 150-word comment. Or something like that. But now the era of downloads is kinda sorta over—not really, but seems to take more work now, and I'm just as happy paying for what I want at places like eMusic and the usual used sources for CDs. Prices seem more reasonable and selection is better than ever. But it does mean there's a bunch of albums I love and have more to say about and will be revisiting. The list at the new Great Albums tab up top provides a road map of where I mean to go—at my usual sluggish pace, of course. It's more or less my favorite albums. Some of the pieces I've already written here I'm going to live with for now, and linking to them there as is. Others I reserve the right to take another run at. Occasionally, in the weeks and months ahead, on Tuesdays.

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